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– by Aliza Caruso, Yunita Dewiyana, Sanam Goodman, Tobyn Fitch-Rabbitt, Leah Vlatko

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice at Southbound? Struggling to cope with deciding which acts to prioritise? Think you’ll like an artist but not sure where to start song-wise? Never fear! Don’t worry! Panic not! Our music department has teamed up to give you our faves for Southbound, complete with handy get-to-know-the-artist tunes. Check them out and feel the sweet, sweet relief (or extra stress as we open your eyes and ears to new artists) (I’m sorry, sometimes you can’t have everything I suppose).


Glass Animals


Because what’s a Southbound without those peanut butter vibes? Chilled out jungle beats complete with weird and wonderful lyrics and enough groove to get down ‘n jiggy with it. The ever so enigmatic Oxfordshire quartet has a magnetic pull that grabs you by the goosebumps; they’re a neat live set you definitely don’t want to miss.

Listen to:



Coming down to play in teeny tiny Busselton all the way from Iceland? Whoa. Guaranteed 11/10 worth seeing. With all the feels of Bon Iver, the beats of James Blake and the babe factor of Chet Faker, Ásgeir is a lovely Nordic lad with very lovely eyes and an even lovelier voice that’ll make you melt like a bowl of butter in the sun.

Listen to:

Alt-J ()


If, like me, you missed them when they came to town last year and spent the following months listening to ‘Breezeblocks’ on repeat and crying with regret, then now’s your chance to experience the hip, triangular (illuminati or hipster?), indie-pop band at their freshest ‘n best. Clean off the back of their kill-ah new album, This Is All Yours, Alt-J are undeniable crowd favourites on a musical quest to impress.

Listen to:



Jamie xx


Beatmaker of The xx also DJs in his spare time. His Gil Scott-Heron remix album is enough of a reason to check out his set.

Listen to:



Chillwave producer, Scott Hansen, has turned Tycho into a full band, practically becoming a dream pop outfit. All they need now is Elizabeth Fraser on vocals.

Listen to:

Salt N Pepa


If you need to be convinced into seeing Salt N Pepa then I’m afraid you’re beyond help.

Listen to:






Recently signed to record label I OH YOU and fresh from touring the UK with the Courteeners, DMA’s promise to give a truly excellent show. Their nostalgic garage pop will make your heart hurt (but in a good way) and your cheeks glow (in a smiley kind of way) (don’t take me literally, people). The future looks bright for these Newtown lads, so I would 100% recommend checking them out for Southbound (even so you can tell your mates “oh DMA’s? Next big thing? Saw them at Southbound I did”)(Please don’t talk like that in real life though, severely annoying).

Listen to:


Black Lips


For all you bad kids out there, this is a not-to-be-missed chance to bop about to some super real, super great, unapologetically irreverent psych garage lo-fi punk. Yes that sounds a little bit like your average night out in Perth, but I can assure these Atlanta locals will give you a show like no other. Since the early 2000s they have been renowned for their onstage antics, inspired by Viennese Actionism, and severely excellent tunes. Whilst I can’t guarantee all of their provocative punk stage behaviour, including vomiting, urination, electric race cars, a chicken, nudity, and general punk-osity, will translate into their Southbound gig, I can guarantee that they are strongly worth a go-along.

Listen to:

Vance Joy


I can sum it up in three words: ukulele, ukulele, ukulele. Yes Vance Joy (aka Melbourne boy James Keogh) been touring the world, yes ‘Riptide’ topped last year’s triple j Hottest 100 countdown, yes it has been nothing but fan affection and non-stop success for this talented artist: but it has to be said that nothing can beat the promise of a ukulele taking centre stage at Southbound. It brings a tear to my eye to think of ‘the jumping flea’ (rough translation of Hawaiian word ‘ukulele’) out there, on stage, playing to adoring fans, grooving down with Vance Joy and band. Enough to make anyone happy.

Listen to:




Temper Trap



I fell in love with Temper Trap when I listened to Sweet Disposition – oldies but goodies. Dougy’s soprano, smooth voice and the band’s outstanding music will give an eargasm!

Listen to:




If you ever feel the symptoms of grumpy Moan-day, then you should listen to Bluejuice (or should I say listen to them E-VERY-DAY)! Their catchy songs mixed with groovy rhythm are sure to make you dance and put a smile on your dial!

Listen to:


The Kite String Tangle


The blends of mellow techno music and sweet vocals from Danny Harley is perfect for a cool down on a hot summer day. It gives me a dreamy/dancey feeling to listen to Kite String Tangle’s hypnotising music.

Listen to:




Sticky Fingers


If you’re looking for a funked-up mix of infectious reggae and eclectic psych, look no further than Sticky Fingers, one of Australia’s most-loved bands at the moment. With the perfect mix of smooth croonin’ tunes, anthemic choruses to match a hot summer night, and pumped up beats for the reckless party-goer within you, expect to be enthralled by front man Dylan Frost as he oozes and rocks his way into the carefree summer air.
Listen to:

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

JC+THEVOIDZ11-315x220 (1)

Let’s be honest here: if you get to the end of Southbound and miss out on seeing Julian Casablancas, you will most probably regret it for the rest of your life. It is a rare event to see the lead singer of one of the most notoriously raw, yet sultry, rock ‘n’ roll bands come to Perth to perform an action-packed show with his new band, the Voidz, and this is guaranteed to be a buzzing, noise- filled adventure from start to finish.

Listen to:

Alt-J ()


For mystical harmonies and ethereal tones, be sure to check out Alt-J at Southbound. Coming back to Australia with a meticulously crafted album containing tunes to hypnotise and mesmerise, Alt-J will fill you with a glowing warmth with their ghost-like murmurs and lustrous instrumental pieces, topping off your entire Southbound experience.

Listen to:



Well, there you have it! Our map to Southbound artists. Did your picks match ours? Let us know in the comments below.

For more Southbound information, including the full artist lineup, get yourself over to the website.


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