Cold Chisel One Night Stand Tour with The Living End

-by Janet Davies

Lines were almost forming across the roads outside of Perth Arena last night, as desperate fans lined up in the stinking heat before doors opened. Cold Chisel shirts and the traditional blue wife-beaters everywhere. The young and the old, all here to rock out to the voice of Jimmy Barnes.

Special Guests, The Living End opened the night with a quick message of peace for Paris, then kicked off the show by rocking out with ‘Second Solution’. If that wasn’t enough to get the crowd amped up then their mini intro cover of ‘Run to Paradise’ before smashing out their hit ‘Roll On’ most certainly did the trick. The crowd was pumped up and ready for more. We were lucky enough to hear one of their new songs ‘Monkey’ which will be released on The Living Ends’ upcoming album. If ‘Monkey’ is anything to go by, their new album holds promise. They have kept their original sound but added a new level of high intensity. The numbing sound of guitar and double bass showed the true musical talent of this Aussie punk rock band as they captivated their audience with a stunning instrumental solo during ‘All Torn Down’. To finish off their set, the boys played our second national anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’ to get the crowd ready for the act they all came to see.

Cold Chisel certainly did not disappoint. The crowd and the atmosphere was intense. Mullets whipping back and forth, beers sloshing all around and ladies busting out their air guitars in the aisles. If this wasn’t true Australian rock, than I don’t know what is. The additional harmonica and saxophone melodies truly bought the classic pub band feel to the packed out arena. Even with an audio malfunction, the crowd kept the show alive. It was truly amazing to be a part of. ‘Flame Trees’ had lighters and phone torches alight in a sea of darkness. To help bring the show in to an end, Ian Moss and Don Walker performed a cover of ‘Georgia on my mind’ by Ray Charles that was truly sublime. As if that wasn’t enough for the fans, the band came back with an encore that left the crowd buzzing. This was certainly a One Night Stand that people will gladly remember.


Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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