Coffee Lover’s Dream

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

Situated on the site of an old chocolate factory, Di Bella Roasting House is nestled along the cluster of cafes in South Fremantle. This Roasting House is yet another great edition to the Di Bella empire. Following in the tradition of Phillip Di Bella’s ethical attitude towards sourcing and selling coffee, this warehouse not only provides the best coffee in town, but educates its customers as well.


Now, historically, Fremantle is the home of WA’s best coffee and that includes the famous cappuccino strip so who could argue when Di Bella set up shop there. Built to impress, Di Bella is decked out with a spacious deck out front, an in-house roasting facility, well trained baristas, a brew bar and a retail store and best of all two state of the art La Marzoccos in the coffee pit – now that’s space age technology churning out a good ol’ cuppa joe!


Industrial feels and little trinkets placed ever so ambiguously in the vacant spaces and just to add on to that funky Freo vibe, an amazing menu as well. You can have a choice of potato rosti with smoked ham and poached egg bathed in hollandaise ($19.50) or even the menu special – coffee cured salmon ($18.50) and plenty more but I say it’s about the coffee and its always been about the coffee.


Ultimately, Di Bella Roasting House in Fremantle is a great place to learn about that cup of coffee that you’ve drinking every morning and these people definitely know what they are doing. So I would suggest getting on board with this coffee train and take in all that toasty aroma because it will definitely be coming out of one of those La Marzoccos!

ADDRESS: 312 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA 6162

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/DiBellaCoffeeFremantle

PHONE: 08 9336 5475

HOURS: Monday-Friday (7am-5pm), Saturday & Sunday (7.30am-5pm)

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