Client Liason At Mojos

-By Iven Manning

80s kitsch exponents Client Liaison have garnered a solid legion of fans with the success of their End of the Earth EP and a constant stream of lairy ski-suit photo shoots. Currently touring in support of their new single World of Our Love, the group has expanded its lineup (and wardrobe) as it graduates to larger venues. The band’s tasty, cheesy disco-funk is exactly what you’d expect from the band’s style – tight pants, mesh shirts and one gloriously manicured mullet with flamboyant frontman Monte Morgan attached.


On Saturday, May 14, a sold-out Mojos crowd had the privilege of experiencing the touchy feely goodness of a band rapidly becoming too popular for such an intimate setting. Despite some issues with sound – you really need the synths in songs like The Feeling to wash over you rather than sitting back in the mix – fans responded to the tongue-in-cheek pelvic thrusts and orgasm faces of the band members with movement and adulation. At their essence Client Liaison are merchants of good feeling and proficient ones at that. A steamy time for all.


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