-by Conor Graham

It’s always a tricky time, but also one of the most fun times when a band comes to choosing their name. It’s really, really important!

It has to be easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, oh and also it can’t have been used before. This makes it ten times easier when it comes to potential fans searching for your music online. Odd, quirky spellings of what would be considered normal words can often be quite detrimental.

Having said that it worked for Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Black Crowes, Megadeth, CHVRCHES, SBTRKT etc. so actually just go for it. Who cares?

This review is about Chymes. Not CHIMES, The Chymes, Chimes, Chimes (again) The Chimes or The Chimes (again). Just to be clear.

Chymes are a mix gendered electronic duo from NSW Australia consisting of multi-instrumentalist Cameron Taylor and vocalist Kiersten Nyman. Last month they released their debut single ‘Oracle’, which has amassed over 50000 plays on the bands soundcloud account. The track collected many 4 and 5 star online reviews and with crystal clear production, chilled vibes and beautiful airy vocals, it’s easy to see why. I do feel more prominence on the female vocal may pay dividends too rather than the unison effect that’s currently occurring.

This week they released their second single, ‘Clouds’.

Clouds is a chilled ambient track that features unison vocals once again. I feel more harmonies would maybe be worthwhile. The minimalist style with a soft and lulling vocal melody consumes the listener into a dreamy atmosphere that could easily make you feel as if you are floating across the Clouds. It’s always exciting when the topic of the song and feel match up perfectly. The metallic, syncopated percussion throughout in the background takes it up a notch to fit perfectly with beautiful Autumn sunsets. I really like what this duo are coming up with their experimental production, ethereal vocals and wonderful song writing. I could bubble along to this song all day.

Ones to watch!

Clouds’ will feature on Chymes upcoming EP, ‘Grow’.

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