Chill chats with ‘Approaching Opposite’

Calvin from Approaching Opposite

 Today we had a chat with Calvin, bass player from the band Approaching Opposite. Here’s how it went on


How did the band start and where did you get the name from?


I met Craig [guitar/vocals] on a bus on my way to college. I was lost as all shit, I asked him for directions because he had an acoustic guitar out and figured he was going to the same place as I was. So Story, much true. We pretty much formed the band within the next week and did some acoustic gigs while we searched for our drummer [James].

Any memorable gigs so far?


We played a battle of the bands and got through to the final rounds, it was out first ever gig so we were pretty stoked.


Were there any bands that stuck out for you?


Hearts For Stones (I’m not sure if they got through or not)


How would you describe the band’s sound?


I’d say we take inspiration from Biffy Clyro and Muse with a similar vocal approach to Frightened Rabbit.


Whats the future got in store for Approaching Opposite?

We’ve just finished recorded our single ‘Trial and Error’, we’re really excited about it and just want to get it out there a bit more. We’re playing a slot on the bill for Arkayan’s CD Launch on the 7th of March at Ya Ya’s. We’re really excited to get the gig going because its our first with our new lineup and there are some wicked bands on the lineup as well so its gonna be all kinds of good.

The band’s talked about doing a lot more gigging over the coming months whilst improving and expanding our set, basically perfecting our live sound before we even think about doing any recording.


How would you waste $10 000?


I would say building up my studio gear, but that could be considered a wise move. Ehh hard question. I believe every act should serve a purpose so I would never WASTE 10g hahaha too many people out there need it.


You can check out Approaching Opposite March 7th at Ya Ya’s where they’ll be supporting local brewed heroes Arkayan for the launch of their 3rd CD

While you’re at it go ahead and give ‘Trial and Error’ a listen

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