Chatting with Creative Mind, Jennifer Taylor

– by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Drawn to letting the artistic vibes flow from a young age, Colosoul’s featured Basement Gallery artist, Jennifer Taylor came into our office recently and let us dissect her wonderful, creative mind.

10599542_675978699151422_7096677762328447761_nTaylor’s portrait art, vibrant as life itself, draws depth from her subject’s eyes. “Eyes are my absolute favourite part! I feel like that’s where you get depth from because you can have a really cold piece which looks colourful but is still cold as the eyes aren’t emotional.” In Taylor’s mind emotion within the creative realm is incredibly important. “If you can feel the emotion through the art…people can relate to it more instead of just going ah that’s pretty.” When a connection is established with a piece of art on a deeper level it becomes memorising to its audience and that’s what Jennifer sees herself doing, producing art which isn’t just pleasing to the eye but also thought provoking. “It has to do with the mood I’m in usually…if I’m in a bad mood it will come out that the girl has something on her mind and I hope that shows a little bit.”

Given the artistic license to create, Jennifer Taylor takes the view that artists as innovators never really stop developing their style and she certainly feels she hasn’t. If the world around you doesn’t stop evolving then why should you! Focusing on the female essence and drawing inspiration from Japanese artist Minjae Lee’s clean lines, Taylor finds feminine curvature and the artistic variety that creating a female portrait allows, much more fascinating aesthetically. “I’m actually doing a guy soon but guys just aren’t as fun for me to create!” Taylor, despite her doubts we’re confident will surely add to her eclectic collection with the upcoming piece “I like to mix it up…I don’t think I’ll ever really stop experimenting.”

JeniWhen the Basement launched a few weeks back, Taylor had been frantic getting ‘Karmen’, a vivid portraiture finished. It was interesting watching the progress, and equally as peculiar watching this artist from my spot at the Colosoul desk as she plugged in her headphones and was immediately ‘in the zone’. I was curious to know what music gets her into the artistic headspace she needs to paint and illustrate and I got my answer! “I love Arctic Monkeys and their ‘AM’ album, it just gets me zen. I could listen to that album on repeat and it never gets old…music plays a massive part when I’m creating, it plays on your emotions.”

As our stomachs started to grumble towards the end of the interview, food was playing on our mind and I couldn’t help but ask the ultimate question; ‘What food best describes your art?’. After a series of ‘um’s and ‘ah’s we came to a conclusion we thought sounded pretty spot on. A colourful sprinkled doughnut…Taylor justified her craving to suit her art fumbling her way through the explanation. “It has a pretty, colourful exterior but on the inside there’s a lot more substance and it’s heavier than you initially think… you always eat a doughnut and you’re like wow that was a lot more filling than I thought it would be.” We honestly couldn’t agree more since 7/11 started stocking Krispy Kreme’s right around the corner from our office. Speaking of food…


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