Chatting To THE DROOLS

-By Conor Graham

“After the conception of THE DROOLS early last year, 2015 saw the three-piece play alongside likes of Dune Rats, The Love Junkies, FOAM & Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Momentum gathering they host their first run of gigs in wake of their single Sullen Scenes kicking off at The Bird on May 28th.”

The Drools is Ben Salmin, Tom Keady and Jake Coulter, and I got the chance to have a chat with Ben about the upcoming single, how the band came together and all things music.

Who did you guys grow up listening to? I know it’s a common question but often an important one. I’m always interested to hear what bands influence current sounds.

I grew up listening to bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wolfmother, Rage against the Machine, Silverchair, Nirvana & Radiohead. Tom’s a metal head so he was listening to Metallica, Lamb of God etc. Jake’s into more prog type stuff like The Mars Volta and deeper roots into the 70’s, so Led Zep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc. We’re all into pretty similar stuff these days.

Who inspired you to take up the instruments you play? Are you fussy when it comes to the equipment you use or will you thrash out on anything?

John Frusciante was my biggest guitar inspo. Tom was inspired to play bass out of convenience pretty much haha and Jake was inspired by Lars Ulrich (just kidding, he hates him). – Maybe John Bonham. We are pretty easy when it comes to equipment, we’ll always play with our own guitars and pedals, and Jake, his own snare and cymbals. But in terms of amps and drum shells, no worries. You can’t be too anal about that stuff, as the old saying goes, a good tradesman never blames his tools.

Tell us a bit about the single/recording process. Is this the first time you have worked in a studio?

This is the second time we’ve worked in the studio, the first time with a previous band. This time was great because we did it ourselves with the help of a mate. He took us into his uni studio and we just buckled down as amateurs and hoped to get the best sound we could. We lost access for about three months with the stems locked solidly inside which was lame, but we managed to get them back and I took them home to mix. The DIY recording is heaps of fun and I expect we will stick with it in the future.

the drools 2

After the single is released, what comes next for The Drools? Can we expect an album on the way?

An EP is going to closely follow. Jake goes away to Europe and so hopefully when he comes back we will have launch dates booked and the EP will be fully mixed and ready for social consumption.

How did you guys form as a band?

Fate. Haha nah, it was a high school love band scenario. Jake has been in bands with Tom since primary school and I met Jake in high school. A couple bands later, we are The Drools.

Metallica or Iron Maiden?

Ooo, I’d have to go with Metallica although a Fear of the Dark sing along goes down well with a couple beers.

Pepsi or Coke?

Surprisingly I’m a pepsi man, I lined these two suckers up recently to settle the long historical feud and I must admit Pepsi is tastier. Although when coke is frozen it takes the cake.

Chinese or Indian?

Chinese as left overs when you come home from a night out, but Indian when it’s hot and fresh.

Outside of music, what do you guys do or are you rock and roll 24/7?

Haha I wish we were non stop rock n roll. I work a few jobs and study part time. Jake also works and studies part time. Toms a full-time plumber. Maybe one day we will be busy enough to be full time rock n roll!!!


The Drools are playing three gigs for their single launch:

@ The Bird May 28th with Pat Chow, Black Stone From The Sun and Sly Withers 

@ The Odd Fellow June 3rd with Marmalade Mama, Goodnight Moon and Bliss In Berlin

@ The Monkey Bar June 10th with Sly Withers, Marmalade Mama and White Ox


Photo Credit: The Drools

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