Cat’s Eyes new album ‘Treasure House’

-by Conor Graham

Cat’s Eyes first album in 5 years, ‘Treasure House’ is out on 3rd June and features eleven songs. The two members take it in turns to sing lead vocals with no duets featured on the album at all! (unfortunately).

Cat’s Eyes are an alt-pop duo consisting of Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Rachel Zeffira (Italian-Canadian Soprano). In general the album is a lulling 60’s inspired project with lyrical focus on love, separation and beautiful imagery such as weeping willows and stars. Gothic influences from the early 80’s and the mix between the pretty and the ugly (no referral to the artists) help create an album of intensity that has nothing of recent years to be compared to! In 2015 the duo composed the soundtrack to the motion picture ‘The Duke of Burgundy’. Their cinematic approach rubs off on this release. Think of it more like a soundtrack to life. A melancholy one.

However both parties get their own up-tempo number in the form of Standoff and the surf-pop/Shangri-Las style Be Careful Where You Park Your Car.

The record features a range of ideas, influences and styles, which are apparent with the trumpet lines and Allegri, like, cathedral-choral sections in songs like Chameleon Queen.

The album also touches on less appealing topics such as domestic violence. The second single Drag comes with a music video directed by James Lawes. The hook line, ‘If they ever knew they’d keep us apart’ plays over the end of the video, which features a brutal beating depicted by the two band members. Also featuring stabbings and a scalding, it’s a bit of tricky one to watch.

The record will be released on June 3 through RAF/Kobalt. It was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s, Real World Studios and produced by Steve Osborne who has worked with the likes of Suede and New Order featuring the Abbey Road Orchestra.
This is an album that can take you on an emotional journey and truly feel what the protagonists are depicting. A beautiful release from the duo, it will be fascinating to see how it will be portrayed live.

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