Cat Empire at the Fremantle Arts Centre

– by Yunnita D. Mattoha

Cat Empire, 26 September 2014, Fremantle Arts Centre

Supported by: Tom Thum, Mandre Monte

A high energy vibe from The Cat Empire warmed up the crowd who ventured out on the chilly Friday night! It was hard not to move your body and dance to their upbeat and funky music with the fusion of jazz, rock, ska, reggae, latin and hip hop.

A rich blend of musicians, genres and instruments – namely, trumpet, trombones, double bass, piano, percussion, baritone horns – created a unique sound that characterises The Cat Empire. Each member of the band used their instrument well, and all they all worked together beautifully.

The rhythmic and upbeat sounds of drums and percussion in ‘How to Explain’ really lifted up the crowds, especially with an outstanding, locking performance in the middle of the song. ‘In My Pocket,’ offered an incredible xylophone solo, played by one of the winners of the ‘Play Live on Stage with The Cat Empire’ competition, harmoniously combined with the fast-paced jazzy tune of piano and a high beat vocal.

Supported by the beatbox brilliance, Tom Thum, and the South American Roots band, Mandre Monte, The Cat Empire gave the crowds a veritable eargasm! With their outstanding talent of transcending genres in a catchy tune, and the fun and dance in their high energy live performances, The Cat Empire really is an absolute gem!

For more information on upcoming gigs, music, and band info, check out The Cat Empire website

Photos by Henry Whitehead, more photos available on the Colosoul Facebook Page

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