Carl Cox at Red Hill Auditorium

-By Dariya Salmin


This Sunday, the ‘King of Ibiza’ Carl Cox, put on one of his legendary DJ sets at the Red Hill Auditorium. With a sold out show, it was clear this was a Sunday sesh no one wanted to miss (not just because it was a long weekend). English DJ Eric Powell and Danish techno artist Kolsh, supported Cox for the night, playing 90 minute sets each. However it was Cox himself who shined through with his efforts, captivating the crowd for an energetic three hours.


Kicking off at an early 6pm, Eric Powell started playing classic house tracks to a quickly arriving audience. With a more chilled approach to DJ’ing than Kolsh and Cox, Powell still managed to hold a throbbing baseline and set the mood for the rest of the night. As the sun set over the bushland and stage, it was a real euphoric sight that complimented the overall atmosphere of the auditorium. With such a diverse and vast demographic audience, it was obvious everyone from all different walks of life were here solely for the music and to have a great time. As people started to dance, Powell built up a climax playing more of a techno dance track and got everyone clapping, ready to welcome on stage Kolsh.


Everyone seemed to be moving and loosening up a bit more than before, as Kolsh played an upbeat, fast paced and optimistic set. Using a lot of samples in his mixes, Kolsh’s DJ’ing seemed to have a more layered and complex structure. Each track was different, holding more interesting sounds, and different elements, building on top of each other as the mix progressed. Kolsh used dance track samples, optimistic trance tunes, euphoric melodies, bongo drum sounds, a trumpet intro, poppy electro samples and many more. However, it was the classic Euro-house style, of slowing down, removing each layer (to create a simplistic beat) and then dropping the heavy bass line to build the mix back up again, is what had everyone whistling and cheering.


As the charming Carl Cox walked on stage to take over for the night, the crowd went wild. His presence was captivating, as he hugged Kolsh, took his throne and addressed his audience. Giving himself an intro, Cox grabbed the mic and let everyone know that “Carl Cox is in the house house house house.” This repetitiveness could have stood as a metaphor for the next three hours, but in the best possible way. The mysterious yet joyful build-ups Cox produced, as well as the trance like loops, drops and heavy bass line, may have been repetitive but it created a safe distant reality for people to let loose, move, groove, dance, shuffle, fist pump and do whatever they like to do in their comfort zones. It could be said that each track he mixed was a different journey and touched on different emotions. One moment it would sound quirky, up beat with synth and the next it would sound mysterious and sci-fi, like an intergalactic mission. Cox would then mix these sounds with familiar tracks throughout his set. A lot of dance melodies, to the sounds of something similar to M83, Frankie Bones’ hit My House is Your House, Jump Around by House of Pain, Azealia Banks and her song 212, and his most popular mix by Ultra NateCause you’re free. Cox’s energy didn’t fall the whole night. With his Dj’ing skills alone, it’s no wonder the man is dubbed as the ‘King of Ibiza’. However it was his contentment, confidence and charisma on stage that shined through the most, which is probably why he managed to hold a crowd for three hours.

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