Brimstone Angels – a hellishly good read

by Andrew Charlton


Brimstone Angels, by Erin M. Evans, is unsurprisingly the first in the Brimstone Angels series. Following the adventures of young tiefling Farideh through the forgotten realms, it’s one of the best true adventure series I’ve read in a long time.

Forgotten Realms is one of the core Dungeons and Dragons settings, and any book written within it is canon to all of the others.

Throughout Farideh’s journey, you can see the fallout of other books such as the Empyrean Odyssey, which brought about the death of the goddess of magic. This story revolves around her, her twin sister Havilar, and their adopted draconic father Mehen the Clanless.

Completing this roster is the lynchpin of the story, the Cambion (a half devil/half human) Lorcan, who Farideh made the mistake of making a deal with, turning herself into a warlock.

It’s definitely the characters, not the story, that will have you coming back.

All of the characters are incredibly charming, each have their good and sore points, but it’s Lorcan and Farideh who truly carry the story.

Farideh’s stubbornness and her personal drive make her an easy character to root for. She’s vulnerable, but strong: a seventeen year-old girl just trying to manage when she’s way out of her depth.

Lorcan is equally stubborn, but far wiser. He’s charming, witty, manipulative and incredibly entertaining. But as far as devils go, he’s a loser, who just wants to avoid the competition and intrigue of devil life, making him sympathetic, when he would otherwise seem the villain.

The two of them care for each other more than either would admit, from Farideh having nightmares of Lorcan’s death, to him holding her close, or telling her to run, ready to die in her place. The pair of them has an inseparable bond, though both would deny it.

This story is incredibly charming, full of intrigue and action; it’s one of my favourite forgotten realms books to date, though it’s definitely the characters, not the story, that will have you coming back.


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