Boy and Bear with special guests Art of Sleeping and Montaigne

– by Matthew Picken

Saturday 30th Jan 2016, I wake up smiling, knowing that I have a great gig to go to tonight with out having to work it at all. Then I hear the rain, and it’s pouring. Red Hill Auditorium is a great venue, but one I’m yet to try during the rain. With the show continuing on despite the weather,  I grab my wet weather gear and commit to a dance in the rain.

I may have been delayed by the rain, but when I finally arrive I am lucky enough to catch the last four songs of Montaigne. I am sad that I missed the start of their set, as there beautiful lead singer killed it with great vocals and the band didn’t miss a beat. I manage to get a few shots off and get ready for the next band.


Art of Sleeping takes the stage and has the crowd up and enjoying their great mellow sounds. I definitely have to give the sound guys prop’s this night as with music this mellow  there is nowhere to hide; every spot in the venue sounds great, even in the pit my ears are enjoying themselves, a nice change from some gigs where you can feel your internal organs being moved by the bass line.

Boy and Bear are as nice and easy going as their music.

Backstage the guys from Boy and Bear are as nice and easy going as their music. Tim, the drummer-singer and a great solo act in his own right, is just one of the lads back stage chatting away like he’s here every night and not part of the main act.

After a half hour change over of the stage, Boy and Bear take the stage and all the mellow beautiful hippy folk hit the dance floor.


Now, I could list Boy and Bear song title after song title to make you jealous that you missed it, but all you really need to know is that they touched on the bands entire careers. Many a time while in the crowd I heard people saying just how much they loved a song as they moved closer and got their groove on. By the end of the night, the band had covered every big song as well as new material from their latest album Limit of Love.

So, all I can say is: if you missed this show, you should definitely not miss the next time they are here in the West – even if it’s raining!

Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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