Bold Statements: Summer Stripes

By Gautami Sithambaram

This week, Colosoul will be introducing to you; our faithful Colosoul readers a new and exciting weekly blog segment known as ‘Bold Statement’. Every Wednesday, we will be finding students in Perth campuses making a “bold statement”; talking to them and giving you a little window into the lives of people just like you.

Who knows? You may be featured on a Bold Statement blog post in the near future.

This week, we visited the Curtin University campus, to check out the styles that seem to be a fast favourite on the Curtin fashion scene. Last Wednesday afternoon, the campus had a very relaxed, casual vibe with students sitting under the trees, enjoying the sun and some yummy food from the Wednesday food stalls. On a sunny afternoon, a favourite among the young women, were definitely stripes.

We see stripes everywhere but do you know who is actually the most associated with the stripe in fashion?

Jean Paul Gaultier, who has repeatedly included stripes in his fashion collection over the last 40 years. Now, it seems to be every man and woman’s wardrobe essential. From the pinstripe suit to that lovely stripe crop top, hanging in your closet; that’s just waiting for a warm summer day.

Deborah (picture below) was wearing this fantastic rainbow striped shirt paired with a pair of denim shorts together with a lovely leather bag for those university essentials. The colours really show the vibrancy of her personality and her easy going nature. This was especially true, when I was running down the hill in my heels, chasing after her to get a picture of her clothes. She was very open and really easy to photograph. She had such a beautiful smile and a real likeness about her.


Walking along, I met another gorgeous woman named Jasmine (pictured right).2 The size of the blue stripes on dress were a play on the usual sailor blue pinstripes. It was quite different to the other striped outfits I had seen that day. It was very flowing dress, which suited the summer day. I asked Jasmine, why she picked that dress to wear, and she replied “I was looking for comfort, knowing that I would be here at Curtin all day”. I think that’s what is especially important when you’re spending your whole day at University between classes, studying at the library and those all-important coffee breaks.

Finally, I found another lovely girl who had a completely different take on stripes. It had more of an edge, with an all- black outfit setting her apart from the myriad of floral, stripes and bright colours that everyone was wearing to University.

3I loved the pairing of her black top with white pin stripes combined with the pleated skirt. She was making a bold statement with her outfit choice, but when I took her picture there was a gentleness and shyness about her. She didn’t look directly into the camera but was focused on her phone which added a softness to the final photograph.

Till next week…

Photo credit: Gautami Sithambaram

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