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Tom Munday


In the press release that came with Bobby Alu’s new album Take It Slow, Alu describes his music’s style by saying: “Success doesn’t come without hard work but we find salvation in keeping the balance. Chilling out as well as working hard but first and foremost enjoying the journey”. This quote succinctly sums up his album’s overwhelming impact. Take it Slow, like most reggae/folk albums, taps into a generation’s greatest aspects. Touching upon the joys of life and love, Alu and his dynamic family ensemble have constructed several engaging and comforting tracks.

As a mix of Jack Johnson and Pete Murray, Alu becomes a modern reggae phenomenon. With his particular tunes and style suiting Australia’s scorching climate, each track explores life’s more-meaningful pursuits. Commenting on life, love, sex, and the world itself, Alu’s album provides many thought-provoking and eclectic sounds. After a comforting and engaging opening track (Alu Lemu), the album kicks into gear when the titular track lovingly rings in the ears. Take It Slow, touching on philosophy and human connection, is a charming and mild track perfect for a 40-degree afternoon. Backing up this hit is Alu’s third track All the Way. Here, the toe-tapping rhythms and unique ukulele riffs stand out. After its catchy introduction, the track divulges into Alu’s calming vocals.

Setting an appropriate tone whilst echoing wondrously during the imaginative choruses, Alu’s vocals ring throughout each compelling track. One track featuring his unique and blissful sound is Skippin’ Stones. Matched by the up-beat rhythm, Alu’s alluring melody brings pop sounds to this electrifying folk/blues track. The toe-tapping chorus and engaging lyrics keep this album above water. In addition, Alu’s Samoan heritage shines gloriously throughout each track. In particular, one specific track(Lima)’s instrumental beats become increasingly enjoyable. Matching each unique sound with a steadily building rhythm, this eclectic track is an album highlight.

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