Big Top Tease presented by Circus Joseph Ashton @ Langley Park


By Ebony Campbell

When a show is named ‘Big Top Tease’ and hosted by Circus Joseph Ashton in collaboration with Perth’s own Sugar Blue Burlesque, expectations are set, and were unfortunately not met in Friday night’s performance.

First impressions count, and despite a punctual start, my mind was fixated on the venue’s aesthetics and casual atmosphere despite the theme of the evening. The night was an unusual mix of beautiful bodies and circus performers. The Fringe World act Milk & Cookies fit the bill on both accounts, with high-energy presentations involving multiple hula hoops and booty shaking.

Circus acts such as Max Ball’s juggling and the ‘Wheel of Death’ were both strong, yet seemed out of place in an adult-only event. The ring-keeper’s efforts to keep the show interesting and interactive were well received by certain members of the audience, but his references to perverts and male genitalia were far too frequent, leaving the entire experience feeling cheap.

If another collective performance was proposed, Circus Joseph Ashton would do well to increase ticket prices in order to afford a venue more suitable to the quality of their talented lineup. Not even the stellar Russian Countess act by Guest Artist Miss Betsy Rose could provide enough class (and she was the epitome of the word).

After the level of professionalism and sheer sexiness Sugar Blue Burlesque showed it was clear to me that the entire performance would have been saved by a more intimate setting. Although I came away feeling disappointed at the two and a half hours mixed display, I would not hesitate to attend a solo Sugar Blue Burlesque showcase. The ladies were phenomenal!

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