Better than the Wizards


Tom Munday


Whilst promoting their debut album’s release, Melbourne pop-soul group Better than the Wizards described an upcoming performance by saying: “A not too be missed live show awaits all who want to see six lads put the moves over wannabe warlocks from Melbourne to Middle Earth”. Yes, this bizarre form of confidence may be silly.  However, inexplicably, this energises each track. Better than the Wizards’ debut album delivers an energetic, disarming, and catchy compilation. Despite underground music’s immense preconceptions, this group discovers invigorating ways of turning these expectations around. Here, their music pours into the consciousness like a martini into a glass.

Fittingly, this music’s comforting tones and stark sounds suit the most laid back of settings. Kicking things off on a high note, the first track, She Said, is a rambunctious and toe-tappingly enjoyable number. Moving briskly between eclectic vocals and pacy percussive rhythms, this track highlights the band’s experimental style and gleeful optimism. In fact, the album continues this trend throughout the first few tracks. However, one track, Make you feel Good, allows this electrifying compilation to take deep breaths. The song, highlighting percussive beats and haunting lyrics, tells a haunting and romantically charged narrative.

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