Beth Orton: Kidsticks Album Review

-By Conor Graham


In all honesty the real reason I decided to check this album out was because of whom it was mixed by. David Wrench is Welsh producer and composer who’s magic has been cast upon acts such as Caribou, Jungle and FKA Twigs.

If the white-haired production wizard is involved it’s probably going to be something quite special. The album was also produced along side Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons).

Well I can confirm my suspicions were correct. From the beginnings of the opening track, Snow the unique style immediately graces my ear drums. I’m super excited to listen to this release! The second track Moon is a simple vocal and bass guitar grounded track decorated with atonal but beautiful samples including chimes before diving into a driving dance beat you’d expect to find in a late 90’s underground club in Berlin. Having said that the delicate vocal line juxtaposes it expertly to stop you looking for that number in your phonebook under, ‘Mr E’ that you saved at 3am after some dodgy fellow approached you in a club smoking area. You know what I’m saying.

The album consists of beautifully designed compositions. Folk songs become great melancholy groovers such as Wave encouraged by a fascinating array of sounds. To sit down in a dark room with a quality set of headphones and just absorb this music is a real treat. Check out Corduroy Legs for a real mind spinner.

Beth Orton is a California based, English singer-songwriter who began as a folk singer. Orton became synonymous with the Folktronica sound due to collaborations with the likes of The Chemical Brothers and Red Snapper.

Want a reason to like Orton a little bit more….? All of Orton’s recent releases are considered to be ‘carbon neutral’ due to the fact a tree is planted in Mexico every time a certain number of units are produced.

Yea she’s a cool cat.

Experimental, Profound, Brave. Flippin’ lovely.

Beth Orton’s 7th album, Kidsticks is released on 27th May 2016.


Photo Credit: Beth Orton

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