Basking in the Waves Instead of Surfing: a Peek at Triathalon

– by Li-Kuan Liew

Scattered across the states they reunite every 3 months, fusing together and creating what can only be described as a combination of dream pop meets surf rock. Think Beach House’s “Space Song” and Santo & Jones’ “Sleepwalk” and you have “Take it Easy” by Triathalon. This five-piece from Georgia trace some aspects of surf rock and ‘90s indie but seem more inclined to bask in the waves than ride them.

Since moving to New York City six months ago, lead singer Adam has eased the transition stage by turning to R&B for influence. His gravitation towards the sweet tunes of D’Angelo (the music video for “How Does It Feel” still makes me weak at the knees after all these years) and the velvety voice of 80’s diva Sade has culminated in two sultry new tracks “I Want It” and “Southside” for the band’s upcoming EP. Slowed tempos and mellow harmonies create a somewhat disorientating effect that makes for a warm and inviting proposition.

Triathalon aren’t trying to pack a punch; songs off their second album like “It’s You” and “Slip’N’” offer something more potent – atmosphere, mood and melodic depth. Their romantic guitar notes offset by Adam’s soft falsetto encapsulates the listener, swirling and engulfing the senses. The added bonus of a saxophone or organ flickering behind a thrumming bass makes every listen like a new experience with something different to discover. It’s a galactic waltz, transporting you back to that warm summer’s night that every Australian’s dreaming of right now. Whether it be nostalgia for the era of surf rock or perhaps a past summer love – Triathalon offers an ease to which one might hope to float endlessly through.


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