Barefaced Stories: Fresh Faces Edition @ The Blue Room Theatre




By Brooke Jackson

It takes true talent to tell a stellar anecdote, and there’s no denying that the six performers in last night’s Fringe World Festival performance have a flair for the art of storytelling.

Hosted by the comical Emmy-nominated writer Brian Finkelstein (The Ellen DeGeneres Show), ‘Barefaced Stories: Fresh Faces Edition’ showcases a variety of incredibly earnest raconteurs, who stand up in front of an audience and reveal some of their inner most truths.

It’s a mixed bag of storytelling, and that’s honestly what makes the 70-minute performance so captivating.

There’s humour (and a lot of it), sincerity and downright humility, and underneath it all the audience is welcomed with a refreshing sense of shared humanity and empathy.

Each tale of sex, drugs, romance, relationships and travel marks the fragility and reality of human behaviour.

For the storytellers (who are ‘regular Joes’) the show is cathartic, and the audience is glued to every word.

Breaking the fourth wall, the show employs a clever blend of bravery and vulnerability, and the storytellers’ nuances really induce a ‘wow factor’. The crowd gets to experiences their raw emotions, flecked with colour and vivacity, first-hand,

There are no special effects, no fancy costumes and no glamorous make-up, but Barefaced Stories: Fresh Faces Edition certainly triumphs as a thoroughly entertaining show. It’s a friendly reminder that we’re all human.

Barefaced Stories: Fresh Faces Edition runs from February 11 – 14 @ The Blue Room Theatre.

Barefaced Stories takes place on the last Tuesday of each month @ The Bird. 

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