Back to the Roots – A Hip-Hop Fundraiser

Some of Perth’s finest artists donated their time and performed at The Bakery for a fundraising event, to help the WA Forest Alliance protect vast strips of old-growth forest in the South West from the jaws of the hungry timber industry.


Selekt Few, Wisdom 2th, Jamahl Ryder and Dazastah gave us sets of premium local hip hop talent while The Lost and Found Trio and Pimps of Sound had some slightly different flavours to add to the musical protest pot.

Namely, The Lost and Found Trio welcomed the growing crowd at the start of the night with some powerful, brooding, guitar fuelled and stomp-box driven acoustic soulfulness, full of room-encompassing climactic peaks that really got the feels going for the forests.

That emotion sustained intensity but changed form in response to Dazastah aka Charlie Chimp‘s replaying of some senseless words from Australia’s Most Wanted PM addressing – far from solving – the issue of forest conservation. Things are bleak at the moment but it’s at least a little consolation to hear a room full of people yelling “F*ck Tony Abbott!” in unison.

As far as the music goes, it goes a long way, especially when there are the likes of Wisdom 2th spilling fresh freestyles on stage with his cardboard robot sidekick Frobot, and some of those beats tumbling out at the hands of Dazastah on the MPC. All I can say is if there were more fundraisers featuring that guy, the numbats would be feeling pretty confident.

Things got pretty testy for him when the kick drum of the Pimps of Sound‘s electric kit malfunctioned and he was unexpectedly called upon to fill in the kick drum parts, a job that might not have carried so much pressure if they weren’t a live drum and bass band cranking six minute tracks at 150bpm.

In all seriousness, there were a lot of donations going in the tin. A secondary result is that a few people who like forests now like local underground hip hop too and vice-versa, which is good to see since it’s true in both camps that knowing is half the battle.

Get informed, follow, and donate to the WA Forest Alliance at waforestalliance.org and on Facebook.

By Lyndon Kidman  

Check out some great gig photos here, taken by Selk Hastings.

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