Avian art awaits at Turner

– by Tyler Boag

Forget your stress a half hour and delve into the Turner Gallery, where the Valerie Sparks exhibition awaits you. You may have seen scenic wallpapers before but the scope and scale Melbourne based artist, Valerie Sparks brings to the table is unlike the traditional concepts of others. The shear creativity beckons one to visit the unique display presented, one surely not to miss.


Le Vol_1, left_panel
Le Vol Part 1 by Valerie Sparks

 Valerie holds an intense fascination for exotic birds which is delightfully translated to the large scale art pieces displayed. The complexity and hyper realism of the scenic wallpapers go hand-in-hand to draw the viewer in to stare in awe at the beautiful vistas, birds and trees. With the saturated state of colours, creating an otherworldly setting, it makes the pieces both intriguing and unlike any other.


Birds That Sparks brings to life are brilliantly displayed alongside the grander scale pieces. Everything was meant to be where it stood, the cultural Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo hanging elegantly on one wall, and the proud Hawk Headed Parrot on the other. All amongst each other as if it was meant to be.


Criticisms are virtually non-existent as the overall exhibition was outstanding and well prepared. Valerie Sparks’ work is exciting and superbly done, with visitors of all ages having an exquisite time gazing upon the variety of birds and luscious utopian landscapes. A personal favourite of mine, that will, undoubtedly, be a favourite of yours.

Le Vol Part 3 by Valerie Sparks
Le Vol Part 3 by Valerie Sparks


Sparks’ exhibition was exhibited alongside an exhibition of mid-century furniture pieces from August 29 and concluded on September 27.

ADDRESS: 470 William St, Northbridge

WEBSITE: www.turnergalleries.com.au/

HOURS: 11am-5pm Tuesdays to Saturday (Closed on public holidays)

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