Ash Grunwald’s brand new album “NOW”

Ash Grunwald‘s brand new album NOW (out 25th September, on Shock Records), first single ‘River’ is a song to fill the belly with fire, the heart with integrity and the limbs with the energy for action. Working with Ian Perez (Wolfmother), Pete Wilkins (formerly Blue King Brown) and Nick Didia (Producer – Pearl Jam/Springsteen/Rage Against the Machine), Ash Grunwald created ‘River‘ – a call to those who are fed up with being played the fool. Announcing a home tour in May, fresh off the back of shows in LA and Toronto for Canadian Music Week and before tour demands in North America take him away again, this is a chance to join Ash Grunwald in a movement to unite a fractured nation.

Fading in with the ominous sound of Ash‘s adored MOOG synthesizer, the power of ‘River‘ rises to a swinging platform that remises how the average human with mere hopes of clean drinking water is considered now an extremist. Full of groove ‘River‘ bounces towards a wall of sound to bang your head on in frustration for a Government trying to divide it’s people; a reminder that division amongst a country’s citizens creates a smokescreen for Governments to sneak behind unnoticed to make their corruptions law.

Finding inspiration in the famous words of David Suzuki ‘We all live downstream’, ‘River‘ observes the unavoidable impact we have on each other as ‘one people, one planet, one circumstance’ and encourages that impact to be full of wide-eyed support of each other rather than naïve collaboration for corporate greed and government lies.

The sign of a truly artful protest song is its capacity to connect far beyond the already converted and bore into the hearts of the unaware and the ignorant. It warrants a mind willing to zoom out from the tangled minutia of an issue and encapsulate the raw corruption at the heart of all wrong-doing. Ash Grunwald‘s exploration of greed and destruction over the past two years has culminated in the forthcoming album NOW, represented here for the first time with it’s debut single ‘River’, a powerful reminder that we all live together and everybody lives downstream.

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Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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