Ash Grunwald at Mojos Bar Fremantle

-By Carla Avendano

Touring his latest album NOW Ash Grunwald gave an epic performance at Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle on Sunday night, making it a perfect finish for the week. Being a Sunday the doors to Mojo’s opened up early, it wasn’t packed out but started filling up quite quickly just after supporting act Morgan Bain12022599_10153132784576361_1723057568601854469_o decided he would blow the crowd away with his beautifully strong soulful vocals. His urban soul feel warmed the crowd up and set the perfect atmosphere for the night, Morgan alongside his keyboard and beatboxing skills put on an unforgettable show playing the likes of “Lift You Up” and “Why Don’t You Stay.” Even though this amazing artist has been around for quite a few years this was the first I had heard of him and just wow, soul hitting to say the least and a wonderful start to a great night.

After a short interval Ash Grunwald took to the well-lit stage, the lighting added to the scene he was welcomed by applause and cheer as he opened up his set with a cover of Archie Roach‘s “Weeping In The Forest“, “Skywriter” had fans grooving along to the funky sounds of his guitar. Performing one of his latest releases “River” off the new upcoming album NOW he was joined on stage by the Brow Horn Orchestra, 12002092_10153132786706361_829855226931859336_nthese guys brought the funk factor in to play with the trombone, synthesiser, saxophone and a few others. Even though this song is politically powerful it still maintains the great rocking bluesy vibe Ash Grunwald brings. Suffering a little malfunction with his guitar he began to sing a cover of “John the Revelator” which turned into a massive acapella singalong with the crowd and they were loving it Chiming in with the chorus and clapping along to the beat, it was a down to earth experience.

New single “Second Guess” followed swiftly after he was given his guitar back, the fans were getting right into the groove of things loving when he sped the tempo up to belt out “Shake That Thing“. Definitely a crowd favourite as they applauded, whistled and did a whole lot of yew-wing. Morgan Bain jumped to join Ash on stage to perform a very beautiful cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine“. Unfortunately due to Sunday trading restrictions the show couldn’t go on all night even though the audience wanted more as they called out for the very popular “Mojo “, quite fitting taking into consideration the venue. Ash Grunwald delivered his raw rock note hitting voice and the fans got what they wanted a brilliant finish to a fantastic gig.

Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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