Artist Spotlight: Leeanne Nguyen

– by David Charlesworth

Leeanne Nguyen is one of many amazing artists who have put their creativity on the walls around Colosoul in our evolving office. Leeanne’s work sits just over the fashion end of the office where Foxfeet, our emerging designers department, is based. She spent days up on her ladder putting her creative touches to our new space with vines and foxy faces poking out, giving that end a wonderful flair. I had a chance to chat Leeanne about her work and where she wants to take it.

So how did you become an artist?

“I’m not actually an artist, I’m actually doing integrated design but I’ve always had a flair for drawing. Its always been my strength drawing, so, traditional painting with pencils. Design’s just always been a part of my life I guess, I’ve always been creative. I haven’t really been an academic person so that’s why art’s a big part of my life.”photo-2


What other projects have you done before?

“I haven’t actually done anything major before. Colosoul’s actually the first thing I’ve been a part of, it’s really exciting that I get to put a bit of me there. Other people are going to see it, for the first time haha.”

So is that what drew you to the project?

I want to get into the wedding industry, so styling, my sense of drawing as well so Tricia (Colosoul CEO) was ‘how about you help out with the fashion corner for Foxfeet?’ So that’s how I’ve been painting for it.”

What inspired your work?

“Well I wanted something, cute vibrant, fun and they wanted a jungle theme with the foxes.”

Have you studied design anywhere?

10859841_10153421288718135_1819981159_n“Well I did design for year at Curtin and transferred to do interior architecture, so I’ve graduated from that now. I’m just searching for a job and thought I’d get some work experience here!”

Do you have any plans for the future?

“Well hopefully getting into the wedding industry and my own firm maybe one day.”

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