Artist Spotlight: Bruno Booth

– by Caitlin Dominey

CampDoogsPosterThe other day I caught up with Bruno Booth to discuss his work as he prepares for his first solo exhibition: Brain Juju @ The Butcher Shop. The new works exhibited in Brain Juju are the result of Bruno’s latest experiments, combining his unique style of drawing with sculpture to create work that are literally coming off the walls.

Bruno is a local artist working out of Fremantle with a distinctive style that reveals his Street Art roots. Booth’s interest in art started early, when he discovered he had a natural inclination towards drawing and painting. Despite receiving discouragement from teachers, you know, the old – “it’s impossible to make a living from the arts” speech every young creative seems to get hit with, he was determined to revisit art. How lucky for us, now that he proved the nay-sayers wrong by completing an advanced Diploma of Graphic Design and pursuing a career in the arts, skillfully combining his knowledge of a variety of artistic mediums. Booth has experience with large scale murals, both for commission and his own enjoyment, illustration, graphic design and more recently sculpture and animation.

Talking about the inspiration for his work, Booth speak about his relationship to materials, and the importance of experimentation and pushing creative boundaries. He explains how this process can often feed back into the work, affecting the outcome and illuminating new possibilities. Conceptually he says his work presents a warped perspective, which “the nature of my style and how I work means I’m trying to put down something that doesn’t exist”. He says he is often inspired by events, “little things that happen, moments that pass, but something about that place and time that stays with you”.

The work itself is a depiction of extremes; many of Booth’s works combine elements that should clash and grind against the viewer but instead hold you captivated. Grotesque but alluring, surreal yet recognisable, both connected and disconnected, the dark comedic elements within his work say much about modern society, if you choose to look that closely. Other recent works by Bruno Booth include a Poster and Mural painted onto a bus for the festival Camp Doogs.

So, save the date for the 22nd of April and come on down to The Butcher Shop and show your support for one of Perth’s local artists. The work is good, the scene is fresh and you’re guaranteed an experience discussing this “love-it-or-hate-it” polarizing style of art. Personally, I love Bruno’s work and can’t wait to see his new exhibition.CampDoogsBus2

OPENING DATE: Wednesday, April 22 | 6pm – 9pm until April 26th
LOCATION: The Butcher Shop, Northbridge

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/664103777051764/
WEBSITE: http://www.thebutchershop.com.au/
ARTIST WEBSITE: http://www.hawkwinstonhawk.com/
INSTAGRAM: @hawkwinstonhawk

Photo credit: Camp Doogs

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