Artist Spotlight: Sean Nicholls

– by Tyler Boag

1897892_826525954036409_6396168737873719009_nYoung Perth artist Sean Nicholls has been hard at work painting commissions at the Colosoul office. His colourful, large-scale style is unmistakable. Sean has previously studied fine art and illustration before pursuing graphic design, following his fascination with the creative process of graphic novels.

Let’s hear about you first. What got you interested in art?

I’ve always been interested. My dad was a painter, and his dad before him. They really encouraged it. My parents always encouraged me to go to different art programs. It has been a big part of my education. At university I studied Fine Art for a little bit, then changed to Illustration Design at Curtin. Now I’m at ECU studying Graphic Design.

What’s some of your favourite art?

A mix of traditional and digital art, but mostly digital rendering. My favourite graphic novel so far is Carbon Grey: Sisters at War by Hoang Nguyen. Some of my favourite artists include agnes cecile (Silvia Pelissero), hypnothalamus (Lucian Stanculescu) and hoooook (Hook Woojin).

Do you remember the first major work of art you’ve ever done, or the most memorable?1966948_826525957369742_6662250561446897366_n

I think one of the first artworks I ever did was for a drawing competition in Year 4. I drew a dragon lighting some houses on fire, it was pretty terrible! But I won and got a big chocolate egg.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

A lot of places, I guess. Fellow artists on DeviantArt. Graphic novels are definitely where I find my biggest inspiration; the thing that draws me in is the illustration style. Music is also a big inspiration to me, lots of different kinds of music.

Any interesting or crazy moments happen with your art? 

Hmm… not really, not as yet, but I’m hoping for something like that in the future!

Sean-Nicholls_Rikki_landscapeWhere do you see yourself creatively in the future

Hopefully working overseas as an illustrator doing my own graphic novels. That would be my ultimate goal. I’m not exactly an expert in the graphic novel writing field but I love to do it and you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Do you have a portfolio?

I have a Facebook page and a DeviantArt page. Facebook is for my professional work, the Deviant page is more of a hobby.

Do you take many commissions?

Yes, I most certainly do. [You can reach me] on the Deviant page or Facebook, though it’s easier to get in contact via Facebook.

Photo credit: Ellam Photography

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