An interview with MC Silvertongue

– by Phatigue

Silvertounge is not your traditional sounding Perth MC.

Born and bred in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland… Silvertongue believes he freestyles over the best “herbal supplements”.

Before releasing any classically hip hop influenced albums, he’s decided to experiment with some more electronic based sounds. This has resulted in the MC’s new single ‘Icarus’ which is “a cautionary tale on overindulgence” rather than the story of a man “deciding to fly into the sun with wax wings like a moth”.

Produced by Chu and featuring the soulful vocals of Perth’s own Mei Saraswati, the single is one to look out for.

To celebrate the release of Icarus, there is a not to be missed launch shindig at Mojos in Fremantle this evening, as part of the Hussle Hussle hip hop series. Tickets are $10 on the door and include the chance to see not only Silvertounge perform his new track, but also a visual on his freestyle skills.

These skills have seen him become renowned throughout Perth, for his off the dome technique which he compares to Tekken’s Heihachi famous chokehold.

Photo credit: Matsu Photography

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