Album Review: My Fiction – Shallow Heights


Kyra Shennan

Shallow Highs is full of electro-pop. The shakers, the bass, the claps, the high male vocals – this is an album with layers. ‘Neon Cola Signs’ is super addictive and the featured female vocals elevate the dance-y explosion. ‘Young Again’ is more chilled and groovy (the film clip is worth a look too). My fiction possess a charming quirkiness that could be compared to bands like Metronomy and Vampire Weekend. ‘School of Science’ is less hype and more intergalactic harmony. Halfway through the album, I was hooked! ‘Jack Sprouts Opus’ has a stadium rock epicness about it and the lyric: “There’s so much love waiting for you,” is delightful and similar to Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’.  Title track ‘Shallow Highs’ drops the electro fun and embraces something more dark and edgy. The contrast between the shrill vocals and deep drone of backing vocals is quite haunting. A nod in Faith’s direction no more so, if you ask me. “House party mayhem here we come,” indeed.

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