Against Me! & Joyce Manor at The Rosemount

– by Carla Avendano

Strong, powerful and full of punk-rock, the night that brought Against Me! alongside Joyce Manor to the Rosemount Hotel had us headbanging, moshing, and jumping up and down all night. Such a fierce performance from lead singer and guitarist of Against Me! Laura Jane Grace, truly a punk rock star.

Opening and setting up the vibe were Perth’s own Grim Fandango. Performing ‘Pauser’, ‘Maybe we Lost the War’ and ‘Out of the Blue Into the Grey’  brought a chilled out environment to fans who were just rocking up to see the US punk rockers give them a show worth waiting for.

Joyce Manor started of with a bang by smashing out ‘Beach Community’ which gained and maintained the audience. Later delivering  ‘Schley’ and ‘Violent Inside’ from their latest album Never Hungover Again brought up the energy at the venue. Their sweet raw vocals had the crowd pumping and singing along with the clear favourite ‘Leather Jacket.’ During the performance a small mosh pit started, one thing you just couldn’t keep still while these guys were in their element. These short yet banging songs kept the fans alive during their whole performance, you just couldn’t help but want to sing and bop along. The fans thanked them with a roar of applaud as they finished off their set.

After what seemed like a lifetime of anticipation, finally making their entrance on stage Against Me! started with the ever reckoning track ‘Fuck My Life 666′ off their latest release Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The energy and underlying power was there from the get-go, busting out of the clear crowd favourites ‘Teenage Anarchist’ and ‘Unconditional Love,’  had them singing along with Laura Grace. The venue had filled up with eager to please fans, displaying affection by rocking but keeping it civil as they moshed and crowd surfed to the uplifting concert that was unfolding in front of their eyes. The head banging following the flow of the guitar riffs and the banging drums made it feel like everyone was in sync enjoying the passion behind ‘Don’t Lose Touch’ and ‘Thrash Unreal.’

Against Me! are a band that don’t attract casual fans, everyone that was in attendance knowing these songs by heart while attaching great meaning to them, the audience allowed themselves to be passionately taken away by Grace and her band. Finalising their show with ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues,’ ‘Pretty Girls’ and ‘How Low’  had the crowd and eager fans jumping up and down rocking out but the fans were still not satisfied demanding they come back for an encore. Blasting out to the iconic ‘Ocean’  as they returned on stage, the fans lost it singing, moshing overall showing their tremendous support towards Against Me! clearly enjoying the love they were receiving they continued with ‘“Black Me Out’ and ‘True Trans’ ending the night with such a powerful performance from a truly incredible band.


Photo Credit: The Rosemount Hotel


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