Abbe May at Mojos

– by Aliza Caruso

Abbe May, Wednesday 8 October at Mojos

Supported by: David Craft, Silver Hills

Wednesday night at Mojos opened its doors to the smooth, bewitching sound of David Craft and his one-man band. Delivering a wonderfully intimate set with just an acoustic guitar, harmonica and his rich, distinctive voice; David played a magical set including songs from his latest record Smoky Lungs and Dirty Puns and even an impressive cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘Change Is Gonna Come’.

Psychedelic shoegaze outfit, Silver Hills, brought the chill vibes with a set full of new tracks from their Plasticine Daydream EP, which came out in August. Highlights included dreamy tune Sunsets On the West Coast and mellow pop title track Plasticine Daydream.

After a long and ominous introduction incorporating the Jaws theme song and a mysterious, masked man, Abbe May made her entrance to the stage accompanied by mass applause.  Abbe was her usual sultry and sensual self onstage, performing crowd favourites spanning (almost) all albums, even including her delicious cover of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’. Sadly no songs from her latest (and arguably greatest) record Kiss My Apocalypse made it into the set though.

There was a shiver of excitement from the crowd (especially from me) when the intro to hit track Karmageddon started playing on her looping machine, only to be cut short with an apology that the solo performance was yet to be perfected. Abbe implored the crowd to come to next Wednesday’s show (8pm, Mojos), where it will definitely be played.

It breaks my heart I can’t make it next week as Karmageddon is probably one of my top 5 songs of all time to see live, and I can imagine it’ll be amazing with Abbe’s new setup. Take my advice and get your lil booty down to Mojos Wednesday night, Abbe May is not a gal you wanna miss seeing. Ever.

 Photo by Edward May, from Abbe May’s facebook

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