A Taste of the Reef in the CBD

– by David Charlesworth

Linton and Kay Galleries bright exhibition of one of Australia’s most iconic artists was a taste of the reef on St Georges Terrace.

Beyond the Reef by Ken Done showcases Australia’s greatest natural landmarks, the Great Barrier Reef.

Ken Done first came to prominence in the 1980’s with brightly coloured paintings of Australian landmarks.

You can see the 80’s style in the bright fluoro colours of the landscapes and fish.

He is most known today for his work printed on t-shirts and other items the iconic nature of his work lending itself to that.

On display is an instantly recognisable painting of the Sydney Opera House which even those who don’t know his name will recognise.

Title image: Big Coral Head by Ken Done. Above: Sydney Harbour, Turquoise Sea, Black Line by Ken Done.

Fluorescent fish and brightly lit coral are painted in a simplistic style with hints as to their shape that the mind takes over to fill in.

You get the impression that you’d see the same if you took off your goggles while diving the reef.

Among his works is one of his drawing study of seashells, each lifelike in its detail and shows to highlight the choice of simplicity and the skill of the artist behind the work.

Among the works is a series of paintings of the outback through a plane’s window, the broad brown and red landscape a multitude of patterns.

It is an exhibition best viewed with a relaxed mind and just letting the image wash over you, any attempt at close examination or dissection ruins the affect.

Definitely a relaxing exhibition which I found was best viewed listening to ‘Men at Work’ or ‘Midnight Oil.’

Linton and Kay galleries often have multiple exhibitions on so those who seek an exhibition can find much more.

Ken Done’s work was on display at the gallery from November 11-17.

Flying Out West III by Ken Done.

WEBSITE: www.lintonandkay.com.au/artists/ken-done/

ADDRESS: The Old Perth Technical School Level 1 / 137 St Georges Terrace Perth WA

HOURS: Mon to Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm

PHONE: 6465 4314

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