A Running Roaster and Café out West

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

Ravens is a specialty coffee roaster with an organic delicatessen and café attached. Running on a DIY ethos, everything inside the café is refurbished or rebuilt. Everything goes in line with creating the amazing food and even their roasted coffee.

The coffee scene out in the West may be still in its young stages but with a visit to Ravens Coffee, you might just change that opinion. They offer up a range of specialty-grade beans. Beans that you can literally taste that the farmers have put in 99 per cent of the effort and as a roaster – all traceable from the producer and ethically traded.


IMG_0133With many of the cafés in Perth, specializing in more filter coffees and trying to introduce lesser milk such as Pony Espress O – Ravens brings out that extra special taste. Being a coffee-holic myself, I can go on and on about the coffee choices at Ravens but we can’t forget about their range of vegan and vegetarian options!

Having food ranges such as Buckies ($15.90), their own version of raw organic superfood breakfast cereal with a whole lot of buckwheat, mulberries, seasonal fruit compote – just to name a few! But I would highly suggest trying out their Chocolate Lava ($9.50) – made with raw cacao smoothie, avocado and just to lift that chocolat taste, a little bit of cardamom and cayenne!

But what makes Ravens just a tad bit more special are their raw food workshops, coffee cupping events and my favorite of them all is finding little vintage knick knacks like hand stamped labels around the café! So if you’re ever in Denmark WA, pop by to Ravens Coffee and indulge in their good coffee and food!

ADDRESS: 1/7 South Coast Highway, Denmark, WA 6333

WEBSITE: http://www.ravenscoffee.com

PHONE: 08 9848 1163

HOURS: Monday to Sunday (8am-6pm)

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