A New Generation of Art: metaMORPHosis

– by Tyler Boag

From August 12 to 29, Gallery Central held an exhibition most definitely worthy of your time.

Upon entry to the interestingly named metaMORPHosis, skepticism rose as to whether there was enough to see. As it turns out, the variety of art pieces had so much personality and emotion it was as if walking into an all-you-can-eat buffet. Many works of art seemed to be conjured by highly experienced artists, each sending a message of their personal perspective. These highly experienced artists were actually high school students. Truly more than meets the eye!

Whether it be a beautifully colourful and highly complex exploration of the mind by Megan Franey, composed of a mesmerizing effect from symphonic sounds and video, to the less active piece by Isabella Wheatley. Consisting of many burnt matches gathered together as a tree, Wheatley’s piece spoke a message of ‘life after destruction’, giving off an eerie feeling and sending shivers up ones spine. There is no denying that the overall creativity of each youth is simply astonishing.

Above:Split Personality by Pamela Mino. Top: Metamorphosis by Emma Longworth-Baker.
Above:Split Personality by Pamela Mino. Top: Metamorphosis by Emma Longworth-Baker.

With a refreshing and calm atmosphere, the only distractions here were the art itself. One spacious room to roam free. Everything seemed confident where it stood, all fitting together properly, giving off the impression of a completed puzzle. The level of comfort was certainly a nice change from the overly paint riddled smells of some less enjoyed exhibitions.

Downsides seemed scarce but, to be brutally critical, a couple of pieces seemed slightly out of place though variety was prominent. For one piece the focus was not so much on the artwork itself, but more on the effort behind it, as though it was only there for the sheer fact of telling people how much work went into it.

To really sum up the metaMORPHosis experience , it was an interesting, surprising array of unbridled perspectives showcased in an understated but fitting environment.

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