A Moment With Josh Pyke

By Kyra Shennan

Josh Pyke is one of Australia’s true gems. He started exploring the world of music at an early age, and staged his first performance at age 12 in a primary school band. His musical talent has received great praise over the years and he was awarded ARIA awards in 2007 and 2009.

Colosoul has been fortunate enough to steal a moment of Josh’s time to ask him a few questions about his music and life as a touring artist.

Hi Josh, I’m obsessed with wolves so I’m interested to know what inspired the name of your tour -Lone wolf? 

It’s kind of a tongue in cheek reference to the wolf and general animal imagery that’s appeared in my songs over the years. For instance te artwork for The Beginning and the End of Everything, and the clip for Leeward Side. Obviously being a solo tour, it just seemed like a good fit!

What are some of your favourite aspects of ‘The beginning and the end of everything’? How does it differ from your previous albums?

For me it was a joy to make creatively speaking, and I feel like that comes through in the writing. It was a very free album in that I made a lot of it at home in my studio which was different from prior records, so I think that influenced the record.

You’re doing ‘The White Album’ concert tour with Australian musicians Phil Jamieson, Chris Cheney and Tim Rogers, how did that come about and what are the guys like to collaborate with? Are The Beatles a band you are inspired by?

The Beatles are a massively influential band for me. I would say my earliest musical memories would be Beatlss related, especially the Sargent Peppers album. We basically got approached by a fantastic producer about doing the show, and when I heard who else was involved it was kinda a no brainer for me!

You seem to tour a fair bit, what are the best and worst parts of touring?

I love just playing shows! It’s one of the few times that you can be truly in the moment up there. You’re living second to second and song to song and that quite a compelling place to be. The worst part is just being away from home and my family, but I reckon I’ve got a good balance happening at the moment.

You make beautiful acoustic music, would you consider creating a more rock/electric sound for a record?

Yeah definitely… I just follow my instincts musically, and if my instincts tell me that the song needs electronic glitchy drums or a sequencer I’m open to that. I’ve been mucking around a lot lately with writing sans guitar which has been fun. So a lot of synth lines and stuff like that.

How/when did your musical career begin? Was music a conscious choice of profession for you?

I was always in bands from a really early age, and it was kinda never on my mind to do anything else. It’s a funny thing because I can say that my actual career started when Middle of the Hill took off on JJJ, but I’d been slogging away for a solid 8 years before that. It was just something I was always doing and I never had a plan B!


On behalf of everyone here at Colosoul I’d like to wish Josh all the best with his future endeavours and may be bless our ears with his sweet, sweet sounds for years to come.


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