A Day On The Green

-By Carla Avendano
As soon as you walked into the spectacular view that is Kings Park, good vibes were all around. Hearing Sunnyboys at a distance while watching the immense crowd that had gathered here tonight, having a bit of a dance and laugh amongst each other, couldn’t keep the rocking night from being anything other than perfect, even though it had rained a little earlier nothing was going to damper these rocking legends from preforming for the sold out music festival. Sunnyboys with You Need a Friend, a beautiful song about love and friendship had the crowd reminiscing these great classics along side What You Need  and I’m Shaking. Showing that along with time passing skill just gets better, these not so old fellas still rocking out to their guitar solos and keeping up with every beat that came along.
Violent Femmes starting off with an all time favourite had the crowd singing along to Blister in The Sun surely bringing in the 80’s nostalgia with that one. Straight on stage no mucking around is what is commendable here, they’ve come to rock and rock they will. American Music soon to follow, energised just as they were back in the days performing to their awaiting fans. Setting off with a massive set including Good For At Nothing, Love, Love,Love, Love the wacky deep lyrics of Country Death Song and treating the crowd to new single I Could Be Anything off their new album We Can Do Anything, just as folk punk as their songs from their earlier years.
Bringing in a little psychedelic sound into the mix with Freak Magnet, the crowd singing along and getting a little freaky themselves on the green, swinging right back into it with Jesus Walking on Water had the crowd clapping and interacting with the band, you could definitely tell who were the Violent Femmes fans in the swarm of people as they loved every minute of these legendary folk rockers up on stage. Memory bringing back memories for many that night, the band still has it that’s for sure with Gone Daddy Gone proving to be a crowd favourite and having each band member enjoying the feels up on stage. The xylophone was epic, you just don’t see music like that anymore. Wrapping up their incredible set with Add It Up, they had the crowd applauding to a well performed show.
Short intervals consisted of DJ Grand Master Baitz spinning the old school vibe, as well as refills from the bar and a vast variety of food available, catering to the A Day On The Green crowd. However for those that hadn’t made a move yet the anticipation for the Australian rockers Hoodoo Gurus grew just a little bit more. At last the wait was no more and just as quick as the Violent Femmes left the stage the Hoodoo Gurus appeared.
Getting off to a great start with Bittersweet and Tojo welcomed with love and cheer by the crowd. Smashing Dig it Up and Castle in the Air these guys really know how to start their show. Full of energy and devotion to their music and fans they gave it all. Being their final show of the tour they preformed more of their older hits other than just their greatest hits which was refreshing and the crowd seemed to enjoy that they did. Taking them way back a travel through time, even Poison Pen had a killer harmonica solo while The Right Time and My Girl had the crowd singing along. Throughout the whole performance there was not one body standing still near the front stage or side, everyone had come to rock out.
Crackin’ Up, Death-Defying and Come Anytime also part of the epic set that they preformed for their fans, after all they had sold out pretty much every single show on their tour. Miss Freelove 69 was dedicated to all the ladies out there on the dewy night, 1000 Miles Away  and Kamikaze Pilot were played to finish off their set but the crowd wasn’t going to let them leave that easy, as they chanted for the encore, which was surprisingly given due to the time restriction the venue has in place, it still went on. The song that I’m sure plenty were waiting for (including myself), Whats My Scene had people from the rear end of the venue run down to get closer to their idols, not one person wasn’t dancing or singing along to the brilliant song. With Like Wow-Wipeout the second choice for the encore (to even think there was more to come was like wow). After the encore the Hoodoo Gurus invited all the other bands that had preformed that night back on stage to do the final song of A Day On The Green Roadrunner. It had all the band members jamming, drumming, singing, and just enjoying what was the end to a brilliant night and an amazing tour. Pretty awesome seeing each and everyone up on stage like that, was definitely an unforgettable night.
Photo Credit: Matthew Picken
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