A day at Outré

– by Tyler Boag

afloweringfascinationWhile out exhibition hunting, a small gallery on William Street caught this reviewer’s eye. The unexpected was certainly to be expected in the heart of Northbridge. Outré Gallery is over-flowing with art, showcasing a variety of artworks in a small space. Established in artistic sectors of Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Outré galleries offer an eclectic range of affordable indie artwork prints, pieces selected from the best of contemporary Australian and international  creators.Featured artists include Shag, kozyndan, Souther Sala-zar, and Stanley Donwood. An impressive introduction to a very impressive gallery.

Stacked like tetris on the walls, the art works are spread out all over the room with no space left empty. You might assume such a setting would leave you feeling engulfed, when actually, it’s the opposite. As if gazing outside a window, each piece presents a unique setting.

With the likes of Blanca Gómez’s simple yet stunning Monsieur II with a friendly child-like aura, kozyndan’s magical landscapes in digital prints, and the vibrant giclée print Nether by Stanley Donwood, the eyes of the viewer will certainly be satiated for colour and character.

Criticisms are few, but no gallery is perfect. The saturation of QueensberrysRules_LoResfeatured artwork made it virtually impossible to really appreciate all the works of art displayed. Creaking of the floor boards was a little distracting as well but overall, not taking away much of the great experience.

Although there wasn’t an exhibition on, it’s safe to say, any upcoming events are to be much anticipated. The overall experience was unique, fascinating, and definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already.

ADDRESS: 260 William Street, Northbridge WA 6000

HOURS: Monday – Thursday, 10:30 – 5:30; Friday, 11 – 6:30; Saturday, 10:30 – 5 and Sunday, 12 – 4


Photo Credit: Aimee Hughes and [Andy Kehoe’s Flowering Fascination and Shag’s Queensbury Rules] courtesy of Outré.

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