10 000 Beers @ Pica Performing Art Space




By Ebony Campbell

If you only see one performance this Fringe Festival, make it ‘10,000 Beers’. This laugh out loud, jaw-dropping comedy (presented by Turquoise Theatre) holds nothing back, telling the story of a local Pilbara team’s annual footy trip. Don’t be fooled into thinking this production is only for fans of the sport. The comradeship, chauvinism and comical behavior portrayed by this talented four-man cast are sure to amuse anyone who has, or knows someone with, a dick.

The director Susan Thompson and her team have created an energy that flows through the simple space, without any need for a score, and I was impressed by the manner in which they set each scene. The lighting allowed authority for monologues and the revised dialogue worked a treat in educating the audience on atmosphere without any need for major props. This was done by naming Perth establishments as part of a mapped out pub crawl; allowing the audience to place themselves in the action and recall their own experiences.

While we weren’t given any extra insight into the Australian Football Culture (or male psyche) that we couldn’t get from the news (or being out on a Friday night in Northbridge), the talented quartet keep the pace up for 70 minutes with great with one-liners, partial nudity and entertaining horseplay!


‘10 000 Beers’ runs until February 8.


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