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Which Way to a Career?

In an increasingly busy and diverse world, young people are being pulled in different directions about how to pursue their dream jobs and careers. This increasing amount of choice is leading to confusion and anxiety. We explore what is happening to the labour market and strategies to get what you want out of your job and career.

– by Simon Chitre

So, as we all know life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially for young people like ourselves. Our parents seemed to have it a lot simpler they finished high school (some didn’t even do that), perhaps study in a predefined field (trades for men for example, administration or teaching for women) then work for the rest of your working life in that area.

Working 30 to 40 years in the same company is not unheard of. The effect of the mass media and the Internet influences opinion, choice, reduced diversity and tolerance to something against the social norms meant many people had a predetermined life plan.getty images

Not anymore, as Generation Y and Z can confirm. We have access to more career paths than ever before, and as gender and other traditional stereotypes have broken down, men and women are more accepted into professions which decades ago would have been considered taboo.

Students and young people want to make a difference, not just money, they want to contribute to society but there are costs to their social and mental health. Emerson Csorba, a fourth year political science student and Student Union vice president academic from the University of Alberta writes,’…there is increasing pressure to make oneself suffocatingly busy, setting aside virtually no free time for creative activities.’

In an increasingly competitive job market there is a pressure to do more activities and a larger number of candidates are applying for a dwindling amount of jobs. Our generation appears less satisfied to take any job, other than a dream job, and often expects promotions and recognition quickly.

Elite Daily writer Sheena Sharma says ‘our increasingly high expectations whilst noble are not doing favours for our health, making us feel depressed and anxious we are not achieving our goals and contributing to high stress levels.

The many talented young people out there are subject to a tough economy, and some people may have to accept to work in a lesser than wanted job, at least short term, whilst pursuing their real dream on the side. Bills, food, rent and living don’t come cheap unfortunately!’

So what can young people do given our increasingly busy lives, which also have the added effect of being posted to social media (often daily), and subject to comparison and criticism from others? There is so much choice in jobs and careers, listen to the radio, watch TV or go online and you will see! You can become a personal trainer, study business, and volunteer to save the forests in Brazil or become a life coach! Why not study abroad or start a blog, the list goes on and on.

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Firstly we should write down what we want. That’s right, sounds old fashioned but write a list of values of things that matter to you, things you do and more importantly don’t want in a job/ career. From this list, which will likely be massive, try and narrow it down to three or four career/ job paths. Then look backwards how to get there. Do you need a qualification? Perhaps an internship or placement can assist you?

Secondly, travel overseas, volunteer and do as much work experience as you can! This broadens the mind and gives you great life skills and memories, but also looks great on your CV, it shows initiative and enthusiasm!

Other great tips for a successful career and being happy with one’s self and job choices include being adaptable and perseverant. Promotions and the ‘dream’ job may take time….as they say Rome was not build in a day.

In an increasingly diverse world use your communication skills and emotional intelligence to treat others with respect, listening to their point of view and how to work in teams effectively.

Employers love people who can get along with all sorts of people and be thrown in all sorts of situations! Finally, breath! Stay optimistic and trust the universe will deliver what you want, those who work hard and never give up will always get the results they want in the end.

Featured Image by The Daily Telegraph; Stressed girl image by Getty Images and high school girl image by Express UK

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