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Turban Hunt on this Saturday

– by David Churack

Are you one of the many people who (justifiably or not) complain endlessly about the lack of interesting events within Perth? Well, if you skip Turban Hunt on Saturday the 18th of April, not only will you only have yourself to blame for your state of boredom, you’ll also miss out on a great opportunity to help others.

Turban Hunt is a charity fundraising event being held in Edwards Park, Perth, and constitutes a unique ‘Bollywood’ twist on the familiar treasure hunt.

Tickets are $20 per person, with all proceeds going towards the Ruma Abedona Hospice organisation in West Bengal, India. This not-for-profit provides care and support for those suffering from a terminal illness, as well as much needed aid to those in remote and poverty stricken areas.

Not only is this an opportunity to become involved in a very unique and exciting event (the likes of which Perth doesn’t often see) , it could also create a positive change in the lives of people and whole communities. So get a car full of friends’ together (one car represents a team) and head down to Edwards Park at 9am on Saturday  for a uniquely fun experience, an opportunity to make a positive change in others’ lives, and even a chance to win great prizes!

If you want to find out more, check out their Facebook page.

WHEN: Saturday, April 19 at 9am

WHERE: Edwards Park, Perth

REGISTER: call Aimee on 0428 628 332

Photo credit: Turban Hunt 

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