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Success for the Big Spring Clean 2018!

(UrbanList, 2018)

On Saturday October 6, Vinnies, Red Cross Shops, Salvos Stores and DoSomething launched the first national ‘Big Spring Clean’ clothing drive.

On the day, organisers encouraged people to take good-quality unwanted clothing down to their local op shop.

The event was organised to encourage people to donate rather than throw away unwanted items, as many of these items end up in landfills.

According to the ABS, each year the average Australian women purchases 27kg of clothing and throws away 23kg, and only wears 33 per cent of her wardrobe.

‘The Big Spring Clean’ was founded by DoSomething’s Jon Dee who recognised the opportunity for families to declutter their wardrobes during school holidays and National Op Shop Week.

“This is like a Clean Up Australia Day for people’s wardrobes,” he said.

“Every year Aussies donate 780,000 tonnes of clothing and goods to charity op shops, but we need even more to help people in need.”

Over 1000 charity stores took part in this first ever national clothing drive, suggesting good things for Op Shop Week in the years to come.

Although Op Shop Week is now over, it’s never too late to start supporting your local op shops! To find your local charity op shop, head to OpShopWeek.com.au and enter your postcode.

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