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Sonia has made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

– by Sophie James


Sonia has the right to say whatever she wants, just like I can say whatever I want about Malcolm Turnbull. It’s freedom of speech, I can understand that.

But what I don’t understand is how she could say on National Television that she would feel safer if the borders were shut for Muslims. Her ignorance irritates me and many others, as we have seen throughout social media.

Sonia needs to learn that we are not sitting on her couch eating lamingtons with her Western family

We know that Sonia is scared, but aren’t we all? I am 21 years old and I know that one ethnicity/race/religion is not to blame for others actions. Especially Islam, as that religion encourages peace and kindness. So why should all Muslims be blamed for other’s actions?

Sonia herself may not be evil, but what she said was. She said it in fear and it may have just come out of her without even thinking, but Sonia needs to learn that we are not sitting on her couch eating lamingtons with her Western family members; it was a popular National early morning show.

What has brought humour to this controversy is a picture of Sonia posing in front of a emirates symbol with a caption implying that she is fine with Muslims when they are paying for her.


Despite that brief respite, many Australian Muslims are angry, and rightly so. This is not what being Australian is all about. Australia is known as a multi-cultural country and being an Australian is being non-judgmental and accepting everyone as long as they contribute to the ‘chilled’ lifestyle we have.

What Sonia might not know is that more Muslims were killed in recent terrorist attacks than any other nationality, or that children are growing up feeling hated because they are Muslim.

One Muslim mother, Mona Alahmad, spoke out saying what Kruger said was ‘hurtful’. “Sometimes I feel like crying. What do I tell my kids? Do they change their names and not tell others they are Muslim? I don’t want my kids to grow up with all the hatred.” That to me is devastating to hear, to not be proud from where you come from, your religion or from where your ancestors came from.

There is sadness all over the world and unfortunately fear is becoming an everyday feeling, but as human beings we all need to stand together and never let terrorists win.


Photo credits: SMH, Yahoo News

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