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Recap of KickstArt Festival

By David Charlesworth

All through April, Perth burst with new colour through the KickstArt Festival in the City and Northbridge. As well as a market day and various exhibitions, free workshops were available to the public to let their creativity loose. KickstArt market day saw over 7000 people attend and about 200 people attended the workshops and forums.

One such workshop was Spray and Play, where people could design and paint their own ukulele with spray paint and stencils. All materials, including the ukulele were provided and it was exactly as fun as it sounds. An artist supervised the workshop and answered questions but otherwise people were left to creativity. For two hours we practiced with the paint on paper, took to the instruments and after they had dried, strung them. There were a number of custom stencils out for ready use and plastic sheets if we wanted to cut out our own.While not the most fun, the most exciting moment in the workshop was after the paint was dried and creativity concluded, when we began to string our instruments. It was very exciting to pluck that first wavering untuned sound and realise the experience won’t stop with the paint but any day after when you sit down and plink out some notes. Each of the ukuleles were easy to put together needing only a small screwdriver. There were some issues as the spare ukuleles lacked some parts and due to the popularity of the workshop some people ended up with those. While not all able to play, everyone came away with a fun and very personal piece of art.

One of the most surprising aspects was that the entire workshop and ukulele included were free thanks to the sponsorship of the festival. KickstArt Festival was sponsored by various government departments and community organisations, so that the only fee was the $20 if you didn’t show up to the workshop. Definitely a great day and that makes me look forward to trying out more workshops next year!

Propel Youth Arts WA coordinated the KickstART Festival. All enquiries can be directed to hello@propel.org.au or 08 9328 5855.
For more information about National Youth Week events around Australia visit the Youth Week website.

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