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Parents anxious as teenagers head to schoolies

In their recent study, 1Cover Insurance found that 23% of parents had major concerns about their kids going to schoolies and deemed it the most stressful time in their teenagers’ high school.

Parents were found to be worried most about access to drugs (29%), followed by potential violence (19%),  binge drinking (13%) and lastly unsafe sex (6%).

1Cover Travel Insurance chief operating officer Richard Warburton said teens heading to schoolies need to realise the serious consequences their foolish actions can have.

“Some of the most common claims we see are for things like broken phones, cameras and other electronic items, as well as stolen bags and wallets,” he said.

“There have also been more serious medical cases overseas, including scooter crashes, drink spiking, and accidents around pools.”

Teens across Australia that choose to spend schoolies overseas in Bali, Thailand or Malaysia are urged to do their research on the customs and laws of these countries and have a solid understanding before going, as these countries all share a 0 tolerance drug policy and prosecutions for mere possession of an illicit substance can have serious and potentially fatal consequences.  

According to preliminary Drug Arm Schoolies survey conducted in 2011 of 1,500 school-leavers from the Gold Coast, 75.2% had been drunk, 14.2% had been in a fight, and 16.8% had engaged in unprotected sex throughout schoolies. 

Police urge that parents be reminded that purchasing any alcohol for their kids’ school-leavers is illegal if they are minors.

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