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Mental Health and Sexism

– by Sophie James

Recently, the artist Kid Cudi spoke up on his Facebook page about dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi’s real name) is very brave to have spoken up about his struggle. Hopefully this can help other men out there who seem to be going through difficult times and have the stereotypical thought process of, “men can’t talk about their feelings.”


On his public post, he said he is ashamed many times, which is upsetting because there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have depression. This is the stigma we need to get rid of. I think it’s great that Scott is taking some action and checking himself into rehab so he has a happier life.

A 20-year-old American singer, Kehlani Parrish has recently spoken up about her issues with depression and suicide. Yet while people got behind Kid Cudi and praised him for being brave, Kehlani was slut shamed, while others said she only did it for attention. While going through her mental health issues, performing and a break-up, society thought it would be okay to chime in and have their two cents.


All the hate started when Kehlani’s rumored ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posted an image of them two in bed whilst everyone thought she was in a relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving. Then the trolls came out — and even made a hashtag — so they could play judge to a situation they knew nothing about. Since then Kyrie has come out and said their relationship ended before the image was taken so she did not cheat. One of the many reasons why I hate the internet because it always jumps to conclusions, and now this woman has read hateful comments she cannot forget.


Putting more fuel to the fire the outspoken Chris Brown wrote his opinions on twitter. I never knew Chris Brown was the advocate for healthy relationships, so why he is getting involved in situations that don’t concern him? He writes how she didn’t attempt suicide and that she did it for the comments. Also he writes how she can no longer sit in ‘the box’ at sports games since she is no longer with Kyrie Irving and that she has to just watch it from her television. Honestly though, is there much difference from watching sports from ‘a box’ or a television? Does one make sport less boring?


Another example of this is singer Kesha, she has been involved in many court cases surrounding her sexual assault allegations against her former producer Dr. Luke. In the beginning people didn’t believe her either.

So why is it that people suspect that when a woman is asking for help, she is really asking for attention? When a man asks for help, we encourage him and help him straight away. Why can’t we help them both equally? We should all help to tackle mental health in society because we are good human beings.

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