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#KidsOffNauru is Reaching it’s Conclusion!

(World Vision Australia, 2018)

The Refugee Council of Australia has been working tirelessly since mid-August to get the children suffering immigration consequences on the island of Nauru. The hard work has not been in vain, with the number of children stuck on the island lowering from 119 to below 30 in a mere number of months. However, there is always more to do.

17 children are still residing on Nauru, along with thousands of people separated from families and loved ones. And it’s not looking too good back on Australia either, with limited resettlement options being presented for those making it here, forcing many to reside in hotels under guard or left in detention centres without any assistance or support to allow them to heal after the trauma they’ve undergone.

The crisis on Nauru is reaching international shores, with the story reaching the pages of the New York Times and Euro News. Nationally, it’s dividing the Australian people and causing headaches for those in positions of power.

The Council is working hard to raise awareness and to take the message of acceptance to those in higher positions, planning to deliver the #KidsOffNauru petition to Government in late November and we can all chip in to help them. Their petition can be found here and despite having nearly reached its target goal amount, is always looking for signatures and support. The Council also provides opportunities for education through certain forums and conferences, as well as opening donation boxes for those in need.

For more information, visit https://www.refugeecouncil.org.au/ .

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