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It’s Time for Fringe!

(Fringe World, 2018)

It’s artsy, it’s independent, it’s creative, it’s the Fringe.

Fringe Festival has become a staple event in Perth, celebrating all things creative and artistic over a month of theatre performances, art exhibits, street actors, and film showings. But there is a darker side to Fringe that many don’t consider, and it’s becoming an issue for the creative minds behind the stunning festival.

Some dedicated performers are fearing they are losing out big time, with some losing thousands of dollars for registration and venue hire. And with the reputation of a successful festival comes pressure to perform each and every year, making it hard for these dedicated performers to continue their work while also maintaining a livelihood.

Fringe is a not-for-profit festival, so while performers “don’t do Fringe for the money…” according to five-time performer Susie Conte, “it’s getting harder as the Fringe grows exponentially.” Performers will generally struggle to break even at the conclusion of the festival, some even ending up wildly out of pocket and struggling to make ends meet.

So what can be done? Tiffany Barton, a supporter of Fringe and it’s performers, wants to see the City of Perth, the Department of Local Government, and other businesses to support artists by making more of an effort to reward them financially. Subsidisation plays a big part of local theatre and is invaluable during festivals like the Fringe.

We can help too, simply by attending shows and increasing ticket sales. Fringe 2019 is already promising a whole range of interesting exhibits and performances worth getting a glimpse of, including Dali Land, an exclusive interactive 4-level exhibition featuring drawings, sculptures, films, graphics, and photography dedicated to Dali himself. Art not your thing? Try the virtual reality experience to walk through the world as Dali sees it, or try a special Dali-inspired cocktail at the Surrealist Salon rooftop bar.

There are dozens of other outstanding exhibits, theatre shows, children’s events, comedies, films, and street performances, as well as various free and community events. For a full list of event, as well as details for each, check out the Fringe website, and be sure to head on down to Northbridge from January 18th to February 17th to see some of the creative genius for yourself!

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