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Gun Control in America

– by Sophia Joyce

A mass shooting in an Oregon community college has sparked debates across Australia over gun control and America’s constitutional rights to bear arms.

After every mass shooting there is a call for more gun control, and critics respond with concerns that the government, especially President Barack Obama, is trying to take away their freedom.

It is actually very easy to buy a gun in America, you can go to a store like Walmart, family run shops, you can attend a gun show or buy them from neighbours or family members, without a background check or mental health checks.Allen West

Background checks are only conduct with in-store purchases, and only less than 1% are denied according to the FBI.

In a televised press conference, President Barack Obama condemns how the pattern of mass shootings has become America.

“The American people need to think about how they can get our government to change these laws, and to save these lives and let these people grow up.”

According to Shooting Tracker, in 2015 alone there have been 294 mass shootings, where 375 people lost their lives and leaving more than a thousand injured.

Australian’s have been calling out to American’s for not responding to gun massacres like we did in 1996.

A man went on a rampage with a semi-automatic rifle and killed 35 people, Australia responded by banning high-powered rifles and enacted strict licensing requirements.

Since then we have not had any mass shootings, which is defined as five or more people being shot.

fair.orgIn Barack Obama’s address following Oregon’s mass shooting, he cited Australia as an example of a country with common sense gun laws.

Gun Control Australia director Samantha Lee agrees saying Australia should act as an international community to assist Obama to push those laws through Congress.

“Having criminal record checks, mental health checks and increasing security checks in schools, is in no way radical in terms of Australia and our gun laws.”

But even though millions of Australians own guns, Fox News presenter Clayton Morris said that Australian citizens “aren’t allowed to have guns.”

“They also have no freedom!”

Photo Credits: Featured Image by Karen Bleier/AFP via Getty ImagesGun Image by Allen West; Protest Image by Fair.

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