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Genie, You Are Free

– by Ebony Campbell. (Originally featured over at www.adventuresofebony.com)


Humanity has lost a great man but gained a symbol of hope for the end of mental health stigma. For Robin Williams’ family, there may never be a silver lining evident, that is not for us to decide. As someone who has lost my dad to suicide, I want people to know that even in dark times, there is light to be found. (thanks JK Rowling!)

I found out that my dad died the day after Michael Jackson passed and virtually suffered in silence as the world mourned a controversial celebrity. He had sent me a message I never replied to and have not been capable of reading since. (Not Michael Jackson, my dad.)

Despite that, it does get better. We can all heal together.

Today there may be no BLESSINGS for the Williams family. Grieving is important. I put my faith in the idea that majority of the world are far enough away from the loss, to be able to see that this can be a LESSON on mental health and the ridiculous stigma surrounding it. (thanks Frank Ocean for that one!)

The shiniest angels sometimes have the darkest demons. They say what goes up, must come down. (Who are they anyway?!) Ask for help and offer it whenever you feel is right. The answer to an unasked question is always no and ignorance is not bliss any more. Unless you felt good when you heard. We have lost a warrior, we have not lost the war. May Robin Williams memory rest in peace and his inspiring works remain in history forever.

Reader friend, I want to sincerely thank you for your time and love. I will now ask and you can respond in any way you wish, besides the example we have today. Are you ok?


There is no shame in calling lifeline on  13 11 14 or visiting beyondblue.org.au (I’ve used both, we are so lucky to have this free facility in our country. It’s there to be used.)


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