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Domestic Violence: A Silent Killer No Longer

(CQ University, 2018)

Domestic abuse can exist as a silent killer no longer.

Abuse within homes affects men, women and children all over the world, and the taboo surrounding it needs to be removed.

Victims feel trapped, like they have no option but to suffer, out of the fear that comes with speaking up. People are literally scared for their lives within their own homes, and it needs to stop.

Thanks to people like Dr. Marika Guggisberg of CQ University, more light is being shed on the topic every day. Dr. Guggisberg’s newly released book Violence Against Women in the 21st Century: Challenges and Future Directions, aims to encourage conversation worldwide.

“’Domestic and Family Violence’ is really an umbrella term that incorporates a number of different forms of abuse that occur within the family home, and I believe this is one reason that many people still believe it is a private issue,” according to Dr. Guggisberg.

“It is our duty to strive for social justice.”

The book contains research from scholars all over the world, and covers a series of social issues all surrounding inequality and the effects those inequalities can have on people’s lives.

“The project was very much collaborative,” Dr. Guggisberg explained, “We wanted to bring the field forward by providing a number of perspectives and demonstrate the close interconnectedness within forms of violence.”

“I was able to contribute to four chapters as well as acting as lead editor of the book itself, providing guidance and reading through manuscripts several times.”

“We had contributions from authors in Australia, the US, and Europe.”

One such issue is how domestic abuse as a young child can affect that child in their adulthood.

“Think, for example, that those who have been victims of child sexual abuse are at an increased risk of intimate partner violence growing up.”

And it’s not only about sexual abuse towards women, which is perhaps the more well-known and viral type of domestic abuse.

“Adolescent boys often target their mothers verbally and/or physically as a response to being a victim of their father’s violence,” she explained.

“They have observed how the father maintains power over the mother and internalized attitudes of entitlement.”

While domestic violence and those who perpetrate it need to be at the focus of the conversation, the media and our attitudes as a global society need to improve. From victim blaming to the overall treatment of what really are very delicate situations, we need to improve our stances.

“There are ‘unhealthy’ attitudes towards women and children, and these are influenced by the mass media which tends to condone gender stereotypes and sexist attitudes.”

These comments on society’s handling of domestic abuse are also heavily featured in the newly released resource.

Ultimately, we live in a society, whether we like it or not. We cannot go about life living in isolation, with no knowledge or care of other people and the issues they’re facing.

“It is important that we have accurate knowledge and that we understand controversies, how they’re formed, and what misconceptions need to be challenged and corrected,” said Dr. Guggisberg.

Published by Nova Science Publishers, the book is available for purchase on sites like Amazon, or straight from the Nova Publishers website, which you can visit for more information.

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